10 Signs That He's A Cheater

We know, ladies. There are some guys out there who only want to bang. We know you know how to spot those lying horny toads, but there are some girls out there who have no clue how to find out their man only wants them for their bodies.

That is why we have compiled this top 10 list of the best ways to tell a man-whore from the real deal. And if you have a girlfriend who can’t tell the difference, be sure to share this with them!

10.Duh – He Cheats

Let’s get the most obvious one out of the way. Your boyfriend is a lying and cheating douchebag. This means he cares nothing about the independent and monogamous woman that you are and only wants you for one thing. #9 is an obvious one as well, but some girls often look past it.

9.He Doesn’t Pay Attention To You In Public

If your guy gives you all of the attention while you’re rolling around in the sheets, while you’re showering after coitus, or when you just wake up for a little morning nookie, then it’s all about sex. Make sure you find a man that gives you just as much attention in public as he does in bed.

8.He Avoids Meeting Your Family

This goes without saying. Any man who doesn’t want to take the time to get to know your loved ones doesn’t care about the people who made you the woman you are today. A man who really cares will want to spend as much time with them as you do. This same rule applies to #7 as well.

7.He Doesn’t Introduce Himself To Your Loved Ones

Any man who is worth keeping around for the long term will take the initiative to introduce himself to those you care about. If you notice your boyfriend spending so much time alone with you but doesn’t want to take the time to let your loved ones know who he is, then that’ll tell you everything you need to know about his intentions.

6.He Constantly Tries To Get You Into The Sack

We know every guy always has sex on his mind. But if he’s trying to push you into doing the deed on an hourly basis, there’s something wrong with the relationship. A guy who wants you for you will be able to play a game of checkers without trying to initiate sex.

He’ll also make sure he’s a gentleman before you leave the next morning, he won’t do #5.

5.He Hands You Your Belongings Before You Go

A weeknight sex session is not very uncommon. When it’s time to get up to work the next morning, the boyfriend who only wants you for sex will hand you all of your stuff before you leave. This means he’s expecting more company as soon as you walk out the door.

4.You Never Go On A Real Date

You can consider him yours if he wants to take you to the biggest concert in town, try the latest restaurant that opened up, and simply wants to be with you in public to experience life together. Think about ditching him if he never wants to get dressed up to take you out for a night on the town. The same goes for the guy in #3 who only gets ahold of you at certain times in the night.

3.He Only Texts You Late At Night

Booty calls are nothing uncommon or strange. Thanks to Tinder, we have a fast-paced way of finding a partner for the night. The not-so-ideal boyfriend will only text you late at night or early in the morning because he’s only thinking about one thing. When the morning comes, he is nowhere to be found!

2.He’s Too Busy

Do you ever meet the right guy and find out he always has a lame excuse for not wanting to see you. Try a little experiment the next time; if he says he’s too busy, tell him something along the lines of, “but baby, I need you” in a soft sexy voice and see what he does.

Finally, #1 should be a tell-tale sign he only wants you for sex if there was one. He’s definitely a man-whore if he ever tries to pull #1!

1. He Avoids Sleeping Over

When to people share an intimate sexual encounter, it’s only natural to want to cuddle and reminisce about the moment you just shared. The sleazeball boyfriend will find every excuse to pack up and go when the deed is done. He probably has a few more stops to make before running to the bar to brag to his friends..


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