12 Stories That Prove Life Gives Us Surprises From Time to Time !!!!!!

Every so often, life will throw you an enormous curve ball that you just weren’t quite prepared for.

Internet users on the popular website Reddit rallied together to share stories in their past experiences with the world giving them the biggest surprises of their lives.

Many of these stories are shocking or heart-warming. The following 12 people shared experiences close to their hearts about times that life gave them a big surprise.

1) The Hubby’s Surprise: My hubby and I joke around. Sometimes when he comes home, he asks in an angry voice “where is he?” suggesting I have a lover hidden somewhere. Well, once during my lunch break, I entered our apartment, and yelled “where is she?” … in the bathroom I saw a woman who was the head of our community in charge of reading the water flow meters. She blushed and quickly left saying “I am leaving. Let your husband explain everything to you!” (Reddit user: deleted)
2) The Twist: When I was 19, I was casually seeing a girl. One day I found a lump on my testicle and it turns out I had cancer. I told her I didn’t want to see her anymore because I didn’t want to put her through the trauma or tragedy that I could be her dead boyfriend. After extensive chemo, she never left my side. I was told I’d be sterile. Fast forward 6 years, and we’re married, with our 3rd kid on the way! (Reddit user: HypnoticGremlin)

3) Vasectomy: In January I had a vasectomy. In April of that year, my wife became pregnant. In December we had a son born. In January of the next year, I had ANOTHER vasectomy. (Reddit user: RideShark)

4) The Lie: When I was 19 I found my adoption papers in a box at my house despite being told my whole life that my parents were my biological parents! (Reddit user: Ridiculous_Diagnosis)

5) The Calling: I quit my professional job with two week’s notice, quoting John Muir “the mountains are calling and I must go.” Now I make peanuts at a nice ski resort. Luckily, I love peanuts. (Reddit user: 160degrees)
6) Orientation: I was firmly convinced that I was asexual in my orientation. Then one day I sat down in Math class and realized a boy sitting near me was “hella cute.” Thus a gay was born. (Reddit user: deleted)

7) The Brother: When I was 17, I found out that the brother I grew up with my whole life wasn’t actually my brother. He’s still a brother to me though. (Reddit user: sgt-Donut23)

8) Lotto: Once, I was cleaning out the mountain of paperwork I had hoarded in my apartment and found a lotto ticket that I forgot to scratch nearly five years ago. I scratched it, and it was a $1,000 winner! (Reddit user: deleted)
9) The Surgery: A couple years ago, I found out that just after my birth I had a major surgery. Why? Because I was born without an anus! It blew my mind when I found out (Reddit user: ferra93)

10) Kept The Job: I was very close to getting fired by a manager who wanted to bring someone in from a different job. I came in for my second shift and found out this manager was fired and her boss was fired as well. I kept my job for many years. (Reddit user: breitbart_was_gay)

11) The Twin: I was adopted when I was very young. I went away on a summer camp trip when I was 12 and met my twin. It was such a fun surprise, but we realized we wanted to learn more about each other. So we went home with our parents as each other, and at the end of it, our parents got back together. (Reddit user: trapthem2gether.)

12) The Criminal Roommate: I recently moved out of a friend’s house where I lived for 3 years. I found out he was arrested for distribution and possession of inappropriate adult content featuring children. (Reddit user: FancyShrimp)

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