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I'm a mommy of 2 very handsome boys ages 5 and 6  who totally love dressing up and looking good and this all began at a very young age. So these 2 are the only kids in our families and everyone totally loves them and with today's technology distance is just a word. Our families live 11000 km away but they still manage to face time or video call the boys every day, then there is the social media Facebook, Instagram, snap-chat, whats App etc, so pictures of them are everywhere. They are so ready to pose for the camera every minute of the day but with that comes the pressure of looking good in those pictures YES even at this age they want to look their best, "Dress to impress". Another thing is the Youtube videos and their favorite YouTubers, they all look so well dressed most of them also have their own clothing lines the kids just love to follow them.

I also feel that we the parents of this generation are obsessed with making sure or at least trying our best to make our kids look their best, that's why I often find myself spending more time buying my kids clothes than buying my own, after all, I love the comments they get on their picture that I post on social media.

We all know shopping is a very time-consuming task especially matching outfits, accessories and shoes also getting them in a set budget oh yeah that's a tough job combined with the working parent's busy schedules is added difficulty.

Then comes the special occasions theme birthdays, weddings, seasonal clothing, school concerts also religious celebrations like Christmas Easter Halloween are just to name a few. Parents spend a lot of time shopping for their kids and then the big lineups at the counters are such a waste of time. After going through all this and bearing grumpy husband's mood swings at the shopping malls combined with the extreme cold weather and snow of Canada I made some changes and turned to online shopping which is a fast way to order all the clothing and accessories needs that I have for my kids and myself from the comfort of my home. I was a fan of the big brand like Carters, Gymboree  and children's place but after a few years of shopping from these stores i find that their clothes somewhat look the same every year and are so common that I see every other child wearing them and also when the kids cross the 24 month mark they don't have those cute little 3 or 4 piece cloth sets and I find myself looking to match shirts with pants and adding bow ties on top of that we got to match some nice pair of shoes.

Well, then I decided to look up for alternates, clothes that will look nice and unique and also be reasonably priced. I came across a few posts in a parenting group on Facebook in which moms would ask other mom's suggestion on outfits for their child's photo shoot and many struggled to find the right pairing and accessories that made me realize a combined effort and a convenient way to buy could be the solution for many of us struggling. In my upcoming blogs, we will be discussing how to ease up the process of getting the right clothing for our young ones, a discussion on trending items and how to style our kids for various occasions and what hairstyles and hair do's compliment with these clothes.

I would also like to hear from moms aunts grand-moms and even dad's on the challenges they face in dressing up their kids and shopping for them. Any suggestions and tips are welcome along with pictures that you would like to share.

Additionally, I will be reviewing some brands and some unknown labels to compare them to find out the best value for money deals.

We will also be discussing clothing needs for plus and petite sizes kids. Clothing for special needs kids keeping in mind various aspects and challenges they face in terms of customization of their clothing. 

Occasionally guest bloggers will also be invited for their expert opinions and tips.

Please send in any questions and feedback you have at info@humbleace.com . My blogs will be published every Monday. 

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