Woman sends her boyfriend out to buy her a new pair of leggings - it doesn't end well
If you want something done properly, just do it yourself. 
Sometimes it's easier, quicker and less stressful to just do the job yourself as even the simplest task can be an absolute minefield to everyone else.
Taylor-Anne Gallagher, 22, learned this lesson the hard way after sending her boyfriend out to grab her a new pair of leggings.
Seems simple enough, right? Wrong.
Her boyfriend Tim Goddard made it to the shop with no troubles but as soon as he got there and faced rows and rows of different leggings he began to panic.
Before long he was messaging Taylor, who lives in Ipswich, begging for help.
He writes: "There's so many types of leggings. Why? For what reason?
"I fail to understand the need for eight thousand different types of black leggings.
"No wonder the number of women with anxiety is on the rise."
And before long things get even worse.
The following messages read: "I'm on the floor now in the foetal position.
"Send help.
"I've been in this shop for five days now. I miss the sun.
"Tay, I love you. Tell my family I love them too.
"I'm using extra thick leggings for warmth now, but I don't think I'll last much longer."
But all his hard work was worth it and Taylor later revealed he actually managed to pick the right ones.
He said: "I made it out, but I'm not 100% convinced I'm not still in a coma."
Taylor shared the screen grabs on social media and people are loving his desperate attempt.

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