2 Pack 3D Silicone Skull Mold Ice Cube Mold, Onidoor Creative Candy Sugar Chocolate Mold Maker



  • Skull Head Baking Pan:The frame of this Skull Ice Case will help you Create A Lot of Different Color and Flavor Ice Skulls. With the Big Ice Cube Skulls you Can Freeze Any Liquid Adding your Favorite Fruits Or Candy in Them Making It A Unique Flavored Ice Cube for Your Beverage
  • Skull Chocolate Mold :With the Correct Filtered Water,it Is Tested that These Ice Skulls will Last Longer Than Usual Water,Why? Unfiltered Water Allows Oxygen to Pass through The Freezing Process Making The Melting Procedure Start FROME THE CORE AND MELT FASTER OUTSIDE ALSO.
  • Skull Cooking Mold:With This Frame The Limit Is the Sky You Cake FREEZE,BAKE,MOLD CHOCOLATE OR MICROWAVE WITH EASE.This Durable Practical skull baking pan Will Make Your Imagination Come True During Long BBQs Summer and Pool Parties and Help you Create A Lot Of Party Favors.
  • Silicone Halloween Molds :The Propper Clean Skull Will Impress Anyone,From A Serious Wiskey Drinker to Your Kids Friends Enjoying A soda This Skull Ice Maker Will Be the Perfect CONVERSATION STARTER.
  • Making the Perfect Shape :Make Sure You Hand Wash It The VERY 1ST TIME.Fill Up The Mold with 2/3 With the Liquid Of your Choice. Squeeze The Top Of the Lid And you Should Have A Small Amount of Water Dripping From The Sides Use A Paper Towel To Dry in Out.Use Filtered Water And a Flat Spot in The Freezer For COOL LOOKING ICE.
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