250 Premium Sous Vide Balls with Mesh Bag for Easy Drying. Reduces Heat Loss & Water Evaporation. Works as A Universal Container Lid, For Sous Vide Cookers and Precision Immersion Circulators



  • ✅ FOOD GRADE MATERIAL: sous vide balls 100% BPA free, FDA Approved safe material polyethylene, compared with many other plastic water balls, GREEN APRON Sous Vide water balls with premium quality are safer to ensure a healthy cooking process.
  • ✅ INCREASE EFFICIENCY MINIMUM WATER EVAPORATION AND HEAT LOSS– GREEN APRON Sous Vide Balls allow you to cook with water for hours without having to re-fill. Due to the minimized surface exposure between the water and air, hardly any water evaporates during the cooking process. No more running out of water in the middle during de cooking process. sous vide balls bpa free 250 balls with drying bag sous vide cooking water balls 250
  • ✅ MORE ACCESSIBLE as opposed to when using a lid, the content of your water bath remains easily accessible all the time. Sous vide balls are compatible with receptacle of all shapes and sizes.
  • ✅ STORAGE DRYING BAG OF BALLS Our package of sous vide balls contains at least 250 balls – 100% BPA free! They come in a practical drawstring mesh bag that facilitates the drying process after use. sous vide egg balls anova sous vide water balls water balls sous vide sous vide balls with clips ping pong balls for sous vide sous vide balls handychuck sous vide insulation balls sous vide floating ball sous vide drying balls sous vide container and balls sous vide balls and clips sous
  • ✅ GREEN APRON GUARANTEE – Our customers are 100% covered, if you have any concerns or questions please contact us immediately. Satisfaction Guaranteed. sous vide balls bpa free; sous vide ping pong balls

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