Accretion 90oz (180pcs), 1/2 oz(0.5 oz), Black, Wheel Weights. USA White Tape, Easy to Peel

Size:: 1 Box Black Weights


  • ♥Ideal for Automobiles, Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Motorcycles.
  • ♥SURFACE TREATMENT: Completely Plastic Powder Coating In Black.
  • ♥LOW PROFILE: 3 mm Thickness. Allow for Easier Contouring to the Wheel Shape When Installing.
  • ♥USA Made WIDE Tape, Holds Weight Securely and will not Come off in Extreme Conditions. Paper Backing, easy to peel, reduces installation time.
  • ♥SPECIFICATION: Color: Black| 1 Segment: 1/2oz | 1 Strip : 6 Segments | 1 Box: 30 Strips | In Total: 1 Box=30 Strips=180 Segments=90oz(5.6Lbs).
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