Calily Bug Zapper by Hoont Powerful Indoor Electric Fly Trap – 40 Watts Covers 6500 Sq. Ft. – Fly Killer Insect Killer Mosquito Killer – For Residential Commercial and Industrial Use [UPGRADED]



  • CHEMICAL & ODOR FREE: No chemicals, fumes, sprays, or Mess! A natural and safe pest control solution. The insect killer makes sure you use it safely.
  • EASY-TO-USE: Simply plug and go. The fly zapper is ideal for use at any indoor location such as houses, apartments, hotels, restaurants, shops, warehouses, factories and more.
  • POWERFUL INSECT CONTROL: Instantly kills flies, moths, mosquitoes, and other flying insects with it's powerful 40W high voltage metal grids. Is the most effective fly killer on the market.
  • DOUBLE SIZE FORMAT: More powerful lights make the unit more efficient with a wider range of attraction. And the bottom of the bug zapper is a movable plastic tray that is easy to clean.
  • LARGE AREA COVERAGE: Attracts all insects within a 1 acre radius using bright light. This mosquito trap is the best choice to eliminate all annoying flies, mosquitoes,bugs, insects, etc.

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