LEAN ON US Elbow Rest & Kneeling Pad for Bathtub: Baby Bath Comfort Kneeler & Arm Cushion



Bathing time for baby can mean aching knees and arms from bending over the tub, taking a major toll on any parent’s body. This armrest and knee pad set from OUR3YS is here to save you from the aches and pains of bathtime by giving you added comfort and stability during your child’s bath. Buy for yourself or make it a gift to the new or soon-to-be parents in your life.

Leaning over the tub can put added stress on you elbows and forearms. Not to mention that as bathtime progresses tub ledges can become wet and slippery. Our elbow rest safely secures with suction cups to prevent slipping and gives you 1.5 inches of soft foam padding for added support. Made from neoprene material, the machine washable pads will not absorb water, preventing the foam from holding moisture and growing mold.

Bathing children is no short lived task, leaving you to kneel on a hard bathroom floor for a considerable amount of time. This kneeling mat is 22 inches long and provides the comfort you need to last through all your children’s bathtimes. The anti slip mat has a rubberized bottom to stay put and prevent slipping during numerous bathings.

The elbow rest easily fits over any size tub and over shower door tracks. Place the elbow rest over the tub ledge and safely secure each flap to the side of the tub using the heavy duty suction cups. Store any bath accessories in the two mesh pockets on the front flap to keep them close at hand.

After bathtime is over, use the bonus mesh bag included in our bundle to organize toys and conveniently hang in the shower using the suction cups. The slim design of the elbow rest allows you to leave it in place without it getting in the way. Or you can choose to fold up the the elbow rest and kneeler and place inside the carrier bag until the next bath.

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