Facial Jelly Mask Sheet Deep Moisturizing Hydrating gel

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Facial Jelly Mask Sheet Deep Moisturing Deep Moisturizing Hydrating Jelly Mask

  • Essence Facial Mask Sheet, Moisture Face Mask Pack Skin Care Cosmetics

  • Moisture Essence Facial Skin Care Face Mask Sheet Pack Facial Mask Sheet Deep Moisture Face Mask Pack Essence Skin Care Makeup

  • Black Mud Face Mask Blackhead Remover Clean Deep Cleansing Peel Acnes Treatment

  • High quality product,Brand new.

  • Anti-wrinkle. Prevent & Refine Aging.

  • Powerful removes puffiness.

  • Enriched with moisturizers. Whitening & Oil control

  • Deep moisturizing and wrinkle smoothing.

  • Weight: appr. 30g

  • Types Available:Aloe Vera,Blueberry,Cherry


  • Our facial mask composed mainly of ingredients including pure natural extracts and collagen. The one-way absorption rate is higher than 98%, which means the nutrients and moisture it offers is 10 times more than ordinary facial masks; only 10-20 minutes, the ingredients in this crystal mask will gradually be dissolved under body temperature and be absorbed directly by skin cells through expanded pores; providing supplementary elements, such as collagen, whitening essence, moisturizing factor, different kinds of vitamins, and effective active ingredients.

  • Instantly feel an immediate soft and moisturized appearance. It can even relieve and moderate sunburns caused by the sunbathing and laser treatment.

How to use:

  • Cleanse and thoroughly dry your face.

  • After opening the foil packaging, peel off the plastic liner, (for the best result, use the facial mask immediately after opening the foil package.

  • Apply the facial mask, and smooth the mask gently to ensure good contact with the skin.

  • Wear the facial mask for about 30 minutes or wear while sleeping. (Not more than 12 hours)

Package included:

1X Facial Face Mask Deep Moisture Whitening oil-control Anti Aging

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