High Sierra HS1434 Full Size Ergonomic Back Support Pillow Relieves Painful Pressure Points Premium Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion for Office Chair, Car, SUV Fits Most Seats

Color:: Back Support


  • CONTOURED FOR COMFORT - Instead of a cushion with a face that goes straight up and down, the curvatures in this lumbar support cushion match the natural arch of the lower back for optimum lumbar support. This design is excellent to help alleviate pressure. The cushion is engineered to relieve tension and strain in the lower back in even the hardest, least comfortable of seats. The contoured design makes the cushion as useful on tightly seated, bumpy road, train, or plane trips as it is in harsh and unsupportive chairs.
  • HIGH-GRADE MEMORY FOAM - This lumbar support cushion is built from high-grade memory foam that adapts to and remembers the shape of your body. The result is superior comfort! Other cushions are filled with ordinary foam that offers no built-in support, but the foam in this cushion enables it to respond quickly to your body, providing ample, sturdy support to the lower back over even the longest periods spent seated.
  • SHOCK ABSORBANT - Travel even the roughest terrain without feeling a thing! High Sierra’s lumbar cushion is designed to curb the jolting, bumping and other shocks that accompany car trips over uneven pavement, potholes, choppy weather and more. No longer will rough terrain or hitting a pothole send your lower back or mid-back into total agony. This cushion takes those hits for you, keeping drivers and passengers comfortable and minimizing the opportunity to aggravate already-sensitive areas.
  • UNIVERSAL CHAIR STRAP - An adjustable chair strap built in to this lumbar cushion makes installation a simple, one-step process. Don’t worry about the cushion quickly slipping out of place - even over the roughest of terrain, this strap can keep the cushion at the exact angle and height needed. The strap is a universal fit, with the ability to adjust the length as needed, no matter where you need to sit with a lumbar support cushion. (Dimensions: 18. 25” x 15. 25” x 5. 5”)
  • REMOVABLE PLUSH COVER - With repeated use comes dirt buildup, stains, sweat and more. Thanks to the removable plush cover, cleaning this cushion couldn’t easier. Simply remove the cover and toss it in the wash with all your other clothes to make this cushion look as new as it was on Day One. The removable cover means that this cushion can be cleaned without ever contacting the memory foam, so moisture and detergent won’t degrade the material.
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