K9King Bed Bug Interceptors and Bed Bug Trap 4 Pack Black. Bed Bug Cups Design ensures NO Talcum Powder, Pesticides or Additional Products Needed. Most Reliable Bed Bug Traps on The Market



  • Bed Bug Interceptors PROTECT your Family and provide peace of mind. Bed Bug Traps any bed bugs coming to or going from your bed.
  • Our Bed Bug Trap is Enviromentally Friendly- No additives or powder necessary to trap bed bugs Pesticide and Chemical free, talc free, powderless deadfall trap
  • No ESCAPING. Deep Bed Bug Traps design prevents Bed Bug escape. Once they fall in the trap they won't come out!
  • Save Money identifying any activity. Industry Leading Design will help you intercept and detect bed bug activity, leaving you to decide the most economical treatment plan
  • Flat Wall Design Adjust to your needs -Innovated design allows you to place furniture and objects directly against the wall.
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