Luncheon Meat Slicer Yummy Sam Cheese Slicer Boiled Egg Slicer Fruit Slicer Soft Food Slicer Sushi Cutter Canned Meat Slicer with 10 Cutting Wire in Stainless Steel



  • The slicer is designed with 10 cutting wire,which are sharp and cut soft food easily, such as: luncheon meat, cheese, boiled egg, peeled pitaya, peeled Kiwi, ham etc.
  • It is constructed out of durable ABS and stainless steel.
  • Cut several slices in one try. Ideal for a variety of types of meat,cheese,fruit,vegetables.
  • The slicer can hold soft food within 9.7cm in length, and cut into 11 slices. The middle 8 slices are 8.6mm in width while the outside 2 slices are 10mm in width.
  • Handy slicer’s stainless steel cutting wire help you quickily prepare mouthwatering salads, sandwiches and platters.Easy to clean, adjustable, 180° rotation, more choice for your food.
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