Nibble Weather Proof Anti-Bacterial Bird Feeder with UV Sun-proof Anti-Bacterial Coating. Durable and Disassembles for Quick, Easy Cleaning



  • Bird feeders for outside. Picture YOU, Enjoying the Majestic Ballet of Nature, All Year Long: Weather resistant, durable polycarbonate tubing, powder coated metal alloy, and polypropylene fittings won’t yellow or rust
  • Say No to Germs! Unlike most bird feeders which expose you to disease, this bird feeder is coated in anti-bacterial solution to kill bacteria growth, protecting you, and your chirping friends
  • Easiest to Clean Bird Feeder Kit, Imagine That! Simply unscrew the perches. Gently pull them apart. Then pop out ports and base to easily clean the tube and parts. Voila!
  • Beautiful Garden Bird Feeder is Perfect for First-Timers! Want to attract birds to your window, your squirrel-free gardens (or use with guardians)? You’ll love how quickly it draws in the birds
  • Everything You Want in a Bird Feeder, or Your Money Back: This 25 X 15 X 9 CM window bird feeder is large enough to hold 350g of seed mix, yet small enough to look quaint in your classy space

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