Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags, Foldable and Collapsible, Set of 3 - Large Tote Bags with Reinforced Bottom and Handles - Eco-Friendly Shop Bag Sets for Carrying Groceries, Errands, Traveling



  • SHOPPING - SIMPLIFIED: Plastic grocery bags are not only an environmental burden - they are also impractical, flimsy, and ugly. That’s why we created this designer line of reusable bags for shopping and groceries . Brandishing a chic, minimalist design, convenient features, and premium-quality construction - our shopping totes are the perfect accessory for your car, office, and home.
  • UNIQUE AND CONVENIENT FEATURES: Unlike other recyclable bags that have no structure and crumble up when not in use, our errand bags have a collapsible frame that allows them to fold flat when not in use so they can fit under you car seat or take up little room in your trunk. When open, they maintain a self-sustaining box structure with a reinforced base for added stability and strength. These grocery bags come with side handles, a shoulder strap for easy mobility, and a key attachment.
  • HIGH-QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP: Built using double-layered, non-woven polypropylene and reinforced stitching, the Livmera eco-conscious shopping bag set guarantees unrivaled durability. Their big frame can hold a significant amount of products as well as a lot of weight and the water-resistant, weather-resistant material lends itself to significant wear-and-tear and longevity.
  • STYLISH, FASHIONABLE APPEARANCE: Not one to cut corners, Livmera wanted to create travel bags that were as attractive as they were highly-functional . Boasting a sleek, black design with reinforced metal grommets , this modern shopping tote compliments any outfit and is stylish enough to be used for more than just toting around food products.
  • VERSATILE, MULTIFUNCTIONAL : This 3- pack of reusable bags are great for a variety of activities that extend beyond just grocery shopping. They make great overnight bags, gym bags, school bags, picnic bags, beach bags, diaper bags, and/or laundry bags. Use them to organize stuff in your car or for travel. Who knew being so environmentally-friendly could also be so practical and convenient?
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