Soddyenergy Portable Pinpointer Probe Metal Detector with LED Indicato, Orange

Color:: Black


  • This small, lightweight device employs precision tracking for speed recovery of finds. It is ideal for recovery of small items in a wide variety of hunting conditions, ranging from highly mineralized ground to saltwater-saturated sand.
  • It features audible and vibrating alarms to indicate the presence of metal objects. The alarms increase in intensity as the PRO-POINTER is moved closer to the metal target.
  • Microprocessor circuitry ensures maximum sensitivity and requires no adjustments or fine tuning.
  • Additional features include a pinpointing tip, side-scanning capability, an LED flashlight to assist with low-light hunting, a woven belt holster for easy portability, and a sifting blade to help scrape away soil during recovery.
  • The parts above the button are not waterproof, so this pinpointer should not be used directly underwater, or its accuracy and functions may be influenced.
  • Power Source Type: Battery Powered
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